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Public Relations and Event Management

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  • Enthusiasm is our hallmark, it sparks inspirational ideas.
  • Integrity is our commitment, we’re dedicated to getting the job done.
  • Transparency is the key to great partnerships, together we are stronger.

Redtarn PR & Events brings you award-winning public relations and event management solutions. If you’re looking for a lively splash of creativity, energy and engagement that can make a difference, it’s our speciality.

You will benefit from our professional knowledge and unique understanding of both PR and Event Management disciplines. We cross boundaries to solve your problems and achieve excellent results time after time.

We can create your event from scratch, build an audience, influence key people, gain valuable media coverage, win awards and measure the success. Most of all we will inspire clients to achieve their own goals and beyond.

From strategic planning and innovative ideas to design and publicity; managing live events and busy press offices to engaging PR campaigns, press conferences and photo shoots; gathering feedback, analysing customers and media coverage to presenting reports for stakeholders. We are available to help you succeed every step of the way, or just one step if you prefer.

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