Train to gain

Tackle your challenges head on in a fun and inspiring workshop, with approachable training, coaching and mentoring solutions to a range of common concerns – from leading a team and encouraging others to finding the time and being more productive.

Are you achieving all your team objectives?

Do you need to find new ways to work together?

Could you be more productive if your team thought more for themselves?

We really enjoy learning and growth, the concept of continuous professional development is very much at the heart of our philosophy. In an environment where we can dream anything is possible, we can also relish the challenge of making it so.

Andy Rea helps others to achieve more than they thought possible. He has spoken at national conferences, joins experts on stage to discuss their work and teaches (and mentors) undergraduates at the British & Irish Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) – including Public Relations, Event Management, Music Industry Management, digital marketing and e-commerce, Human Relations Management, finance & funding business planning and more.

We can tailor our time to suit your needs, drawing on a range of materials to help you meet your objectives in an engaging way. Combining a range of innovative techniques and tools with genuine insight into the real world of work and up-to-date ideas, we can help you build a confident, motivated and successful team, create authoritative voices and even de-stress – all of which can make a huge difference.

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Training services

Popular training courses include:

  • Public Relations in a day
  • Media training
  • Time Management
  • How to be more creative
  • Leadership & people management
  • Why Events Management is Life Management
  • Creating a new business vision
  • Crisis & reputation management
  • Writing for the media
  • Internal & external communications